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Ayu Daily

An Ayumi Hamasaki pictures only community

Ayumi Hamasaki - Daily!
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Welcome to ayudaily, the first pictures only community for the Japanese Pop singer, Ayumi Hamasaki.

- Feel free to post any pictures you want (picspams are acceptable). Make sure Ayu is IN the picture, though. (Do not post any pictures of her band members, dancers, etc unless Ayu is clearly in the picture.)
- Do NOT post any gifs, news, icons, messages, wallpapers, etc.
- If you are posting any extremely large pictures, please either resize the picture or put it behind a cut.
- Tags are your friend! If you are posting a picture, please make sure to include the year, and of course a few other tags to describe the picture. If you are not sure what to include, search our tags list. Feel free to add any tags as well.

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